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Krake Festival Tickets 2013

Fes­ti­val Ticket: pre­sale 65€ (incl. bus trans­fer out­bound to Kieke­busch on sun­day)
3-Day Ticket (Fri-Sun):  pre­sale 33€ (incl. bus trans­fer out­bound to Kieke­busch on sunday)

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Koka36 (online + Oranien­straße 29, 10999 Berlin)

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Fes­ti­val and 3-Day-Tickets:

Killekill​.com (only Fes­ti­val Pass and 3-Day Ticket / Only in Germany)

Space Hall (Zossener Straße 33, 10961 Berlin)

Worka­holic (Kas­tanien­allee 60, 10119 Berlin)


Mon, aug 5th

hosted and curated by Adam Weishaupt
start: 20:00 // pre sale 20€

PROKYON — live

With MONOLAKE and CRISTIAN VOGEL the open­ing of this year’s fes­tl­val fea­tures two of the most pro­lific artists in elec­tronic music. Both have pre­pared spe­cial live audio per­for­mances to amaze the seated audience. Cristian Vogel will be pre­sent­ing his lat­est album of exper­i­men­tal com­puter com­po­si­tion, “Esels­brücke”, which was released this sum­mer on Sub­Rosa. The con­cert will be per­formed in real­time quadro­phonic sound, with site-specific visu­als by Jana Linke.

With his ous­tand­ing sound design and his expe­rimental approach to elec­tronlc music ROBERT HENKE alias MONOLAKE has been a major influ­ence to artists of all forms of elec­tronic music. We are look­ing for­ward to the spe­cial per­for­mance he has pre­pared for this evening: THE GHOSTS IN SURROUND.

Expect some weird and dark sound exper­i­ments from new­com­ers PROKVON and PHAROAH CHROMIUM, the man with the dig­i­tal flute.


wed, aug 7th

start: 22:00 // pre sale 10€

HARD TON — live


The wednes­day at the Berghain Kan­tine has a tra­di­tion. The his­tory of the Killekill label which is the main force behind the Krake Fes­ti­val has started here, and this day in the mid of the week has been an essen­tial part of the fes­ti­val from the beginning.

For this year we have pre­pared a col­lec­tion of artists with a focus not on sound and music only, but on strong and weird live performances.

The new project FURFRIEND is all new. Their first release so far is just about to be released on Killekill in june, but with their one track that was fea­tured on the Killekill Megahits com­pi­la­tion last win­ter they have cre­ated a big fuzz about them world­wide already.

Gay porn jack they call their sound, and this is what it is: mega explicit lyrics, that will prob­a­bly have to undergo parental advi­sory laws in many coun­tries over heavy jack­ing beats. With a live per­for­mances that is being pre­pared for a long, long time now, they will rule the dance­floors very soon. Get ready for some seri­ous shit!

HARD TON are the ital­ian duo with the larger than life disco sound and a sur­pris­ing love of metal. Fused together in 2008 from the musi­cal loins of DJ Wawashi and heavy metal singer Max. Sylvester-styled falset­tos con­jure up mem­o­ries of smoky dance­floors dur­ing the heady days of HI-NRG, which com­bined with a con­tem­po­rary sound of accel­er­ated beats and scream­ing acid basslines, shows a nod to the past can result in a slap across the face for the present. Their incred­i­bly well designed cos­tumes show a seri­ous dis­re­spect to any rules of main­stream media stan­dards, but are of unbe­liev­able beauty at the same time. And their live per­for­mance is incredible.

ANKLEPANTS, the third act to per­form live that night, hmmmm, how can you describe that??

Think of dubstep-techno-breakcore-electro-IDM per­formed of a guy in a drac­ula cos­tume and a mask on that fea­tures a mov­ing penis in his face. Nuff said?

There will also be some djs  that night, but basi­cally these per­for­mances will blow off your hair that night.


fri, aug 9th
start: 24:00 // pre sale 12€

UNTOLD (hem­lock)
PHON.O (50weapons) — live
BILL YOUNGMAN (killekill) — live
DASHA RUSH (full­panda) — exper­i­men­tal live set
KARL MARX STADT (sozial­is­tis­cher plat­ten­bau) — live
HANNO HINKELBEIN (killekill, null)
ULTRAVIOLET (female:pressure)
UTA (twen​.fm)


For the week­end we move on to our main venue, the Sui­cide Cir­cus which offers a mid­size club floor with a very good sound sys­tem and a beau­ti­ful out­side open air area.

DASHA RUSH, who is known mostly for her dark techno music, will present a very spe­cial exper­i­men­tal live set this night to open the main floor for the night.

UNTOLD has proven him­self as one of the most rel­e­vant dance music pro­duc­ers of the last years. He pro­duces one mile­stone after the other, leav­ing all genre bor­ders behind, cre­at­ing epics that will last much, much longer than 99% of what is being put out nowadays.

PHON.O is a Berlin based pro­ducer who has been around for a while, but just recently picked up speed and became a sub­stan­tial part of the 50 weapons fam­ily of the infa­mous Mod­e­se­lek­tor guys. We are proud to present his bass-heavy and melodic live set.

BILL YOUNGMAN has been around for almost 20 years with releases on leg­endary labels like Sero­tonin, Scan­di­navia and Tresor. He crossed many styles from melodic elec­tro to really, really harsh techno, but recently he seems to have found his very own style. The music he released on Killekill in the last two years show a very sin­gu­lar appo­rach to techno and elec­tro. per­cus­sive, deep, melodic, tool­ish — all at the same time.

More acts are to be announced soon.


sat, aug 10th
start: 23:00 // pre sale 12€

DOPPLEREFFEKT (ersatz audio, leisure sys­tem) — live
FENNESZ (touch, thrill jockey) — live
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (raster-noton) — live
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
SEBASTIAN KÖKOW (29novfilms, killekill)
ADRIAN FRIEDRICH (tanzmich­mal, sui­cide cir­cus)
FIST VAN ODOR (the almost peo­ple, killekill)
GEN.HECTIC (metaphysik) 

The evening will be opened by a mid night con­cert by FENNESZ. He pro­duces ambi­ent music of an extra­or­di­nary qual­ity by lay­er­ing more and more drones and lit­tle sound details taken from field record­ings to build up sound walls of unheard inten­sity. To hear this on a proper club sound sys­tem will be a unique experience.

DOPPLEREFFEKT - we can’t describe how happy we are to have this leg­end at our fes­ti­val! God­fa­thers of elec­tro, the purest of all, they have pro­duced uncount­able anthems of this genre. Their first release in years is sched­uled for later this year, so we are await­ing a live show with new exclu­sive mate­r­ial. W O W!

Later in the night techno leg­end Adam X will deliver some dark and heavy techno under his alias TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE.

More acts to be announced!


sun, aug 11th
start: 12:00 // pre sale 12€ (incl. bus trans­fer out­bound to Kieke­busch on sunday)

NATHAN FAKE (bor­der com­mu­nity) — live
MAX COOPER (traum schallplat­ten) — live
I-F (inter​galac​tic​.fm)
DADUB (strobo­copic arte­facts) — dub midtempo set
EOMAC (killekill)
LXC feat. AL HACA SOUNDSYSTEM (alpha­cut, dif­fer­ent drum­mer)
HUBBLE (sleep is com­mer­cial)
GÜNTHER LAUSE (svs-records)
ALIENATA (snuff trax)
AXIOM (crazy lan­guage, killekill) 

For the last day of our fes­ti­val we are mak­ing a big move.

Straight from the Sui­cide Cir­cus we take you to the beau­ti­ful open air space of Kieke­busch out­side of Berlin.

The bus trans­fer to Kieke­busch will be leav­ing around noon near Sui­cide Cir­cus. Details will fol­low soon.

There we will await you with a very spe­cial line up to party with us in the sun on this great spot in the mid­dle of lit­tle woods next to a small lake with a beach of beau­ti­ful white sand.

In the case of bad weather we have a huge tent that also offers a fan­tas­tic atmos­phere, too, and can take up to 1000 peo­ple. So don’t worry about any­thing! Just come and enjoy the last day of our fes­ti­val with us!

Thank you!