Krake 2012

KRAKE is an annual Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music. It’s about danc­ing, freak­ing and lis­ten­ing. About dark­ness, joy and sur­prise. A chal­lenge for all your senses.

For the last edi­tions numer­ous ground­break­ing artists could be assigned, amongst those IDM leg­ends PLAID, techno avant­gardist CRISTIAN VOGEL, elec­tro futur­ist RADIOACTIVE MAN, break­beat nerd BOGDAN RACZYNSKI, post pop super hero JIMMY EDGAR, BOLA, REDSHAPE, LEGOWELT, MIKA VAINIO, EMIKA and many, many more.

The third edi­tion in 2012 includes MURCOF, PERC, LUCY, THOMAS KÖNER, TIM EXILE, CEEPHAX ACID CREW, ULRICH SCHNAUSS, POLE and many more again.

Come on, drown with us!


Check these videos to get an impres­sion of the last two years of Krake:

(pre­view video)

(resumee video)

Go, Krake, go!